A General Natural History group tour at Farm Lator

Hungary, Farm Lator, A Greentours Trip Report, 1st 8th June 2003

Leaders Paul Cardy and Rob de Jong

Trip report written by Paul Cardy


Day 1 Sunday 1st June Arrival

Robert and I had a good flight from London and arrived in Budapest to meet Ivan and Janet, and Tim and Shelagh who had travelled from Norwich. Collecting the mini-bus was straightforward and our journey around the Budapest ring road was an interesting introduction to the country. There was some fine architecture on the outskirts of the city. We joined the M3, a straight and rather empty road. Buzzards were common and there were several Red-backed Shrikes. Smoke Bush, Vipers Bugloss and Salvia nemorosa were common on the verges. We stopped at a service station, and saw Crested Lark. We passed the Matra Hills and then the Bukk Hills came into view.

Having left the motorway and onto the old road we drove through several picturesque villages. The minor road to Farm Lator took us past a small lake near Saly. We stopped here and found much